Scholarship ceremony

As the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration welcomes back its students with the beginning of a new academic year, the most academically successful students were awarded a Scholarship on Friday, September 14 2018.

On Friday, September 14, the main building of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was ready to welcome its guests: students, teachers and respectable representatives of partner institutions were invited to take their place in audience and, once everyone arrived, the Scholarship Ceremony began. Many were the young talents who were granted a Scholarship and consequently received a certificate testifying their reward. Before the final toast, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Péter Kovács, and the Vice-Rector for Education of the Szeged University, Dr. Gellén Klára, gave their speeches and expressed their admiration and congratulations for the awarded students.

The most academically successful international students of the English Business and Management BA programme of the Faculty were also awarded. Giulia Filoso, from Italy, Aseel Diana Mustafa-Belal, from Jordan, Karim El-Desoki, from Egypt, Adam Baum, from Germany, and Amir Ali Irvanian, from Iran, were awarded the Faculty Scholarship for tuition-fee paying students. Additionally, Alikhan Orazaly, from Kazakhstan, was granted the Scholarship offered by Exxon Mobil.

Even though the English taught study programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration have been launched just in the latest years, its international community is consistent and growing rapidly. Students from many different countries arrive to Szeged every year, ready to start a new chapter of their lives. As to make both their stay in Hungary and their study experience pleasant and easily manageable, the faculty tries to support them by offering many different opportunities. Therefore, international students are invited to apply for the Faculty Scholarship at the beginning of every semester in order to be awarded for their effort.

To conclude, we would like to congratulate to the awarded students and wish them an academic year as successful as the previous one!

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