Prezilimpia – Competition announcement

The University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Ezabeszéd Toastmasters Retorika Klub are organizing the first ever PREZILIMPIA competition in Spring 2018.

The talent show is a fantastic opportunity for students of the university to demonstrate and compare their presentation skills while the winners of the faculty rounds move on to face each other in the national final.

You can apply with an original presentation no longer than 8 minutes about mobility and the future of transportation.

Although it was accompanied by near continuous technological innovation, the business model of transportation has not changed in the past hundred years: until now it has been dominated primarily by the internal compustion engine with an increasing emphasis on security systems but we still get behind the wheel of cars, buses and trucks today just like people did with the Ford Model T.

Can we think of a different business model? Are we on the brink of a paradigm shift? Will we still need a driver’s licence to drive in the future? What will the parking system be like with self-driving cars? Will there be bus stops for self-driving buses? When will there be more electric cars on the roads than traditional ones? What will taxi drivers, truck drivers and tram drivers do? Should a self-driving car only have one owner? Can riding a bike or using public transport (or the combination of them) be a viable alternative to buying a car?

So you have an opinion and you are ready to share it? Let us know what you think!

Application deadline: 6th March 2018
Mode of application:
Further information:

IF you are a student of the SZTE GTK (Faculty of Economics) you can now enter two presentation competitions with only one presentation.

Choose the topic about the future of transportation and apply for the SZTE presentation techniques competition along with the Prezilimpia, thus becoming a presentation star among Hungarian economists and the University of Szeged at the same time!

You are also free to choose any scientific topic and win the SZTE presentation competition. More information:

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