Graduation ceremonies at the GTK

On 5th July 2018 the Faculty Council proposed the handing out of 234 new university degrees to the graduating economist candidates. The morning session featured graduates of the master’s and professional postgraduate majors along with students of the international bachelor’s and master’s programme taught in English. Students of the Hungarian bachelor’s and professional higher educational programmes received their degrees during the afternoon session organised in the main congressional hall of the József Attila Study and Information Centre.

Starting at 10 a.m., the morning session featured professor Márta Széll, Vice-Rector of the University as speaker, while Vice-Rector Péter Zakar greeted the graduates and their relatives at the 2 p.m. ceremony. It is traditional that the „Discipuli pro Universitate” Award is presented at the graduation ceremony of each faculty. The University’s „Discipuli pro Universitate” award may be won by graduating students from each Faculty who have performed exceedingly throughout the years both in organising individual work and in accomplishing educational requirements. This year the award has been won by Luca Sára Karádi and Tamás Rácz.

Emőke Kiss, managing director of the ForArea Business Development LLC was presented with the „Outstanding Partner of the GTK” award at the afternoon ceremony. The award was created by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 2017 for our partners who provide exceptional support for achieving the faculty’s goals and for developing the quality of the economist training in Szeged.

As the Dean of the faculty, Dr. Péter Kovács emphasised in his celebratory speech: „Although 15 years ago most residents of Szeged were not even aware of an economist training programme in the city, today the faculty is one of the most important hotspots of economist training in the country. Graduates of the faculty occupy a wide range of positions at home and abroad as well.” The Dean commemorated the 25th anniversary of the launching of the postgradual economist training programme (at the time still under the coordination of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences). In addition to this, the full-time college and university level economics training programmes were also launched 25 years ago almost to the day. Péter Kovács also thanked all the companies, teachers and relatives who had helped the graduating students on their journey towards their degree. The Dean left the graduates with the following message: „Be active members of the University’s ALUMNI community! The current economist generation supported you, please make sure you support the following generations yourselves. Provide feedback and professional support to the faculty community, become mentors and potentially create new scholarships yourselves in the future. Our door will always be open to you!

The official photos taken at the graduation ceremony will be available through the SZTE Alma Mater website ( After registering and logging onto the website please join the closed group „GTK Diplomaosztó 2018. július”) where the photos will be uploaded.

We congratulate to all fresh graduates and wish them a successful career!

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