Faculty excursion to Ópusztaszer

Faculty Trip for Freshmen to Ópusztaszer (October 6, 2018)

International Students of the Faculty greeted the arrival of October in Ópusztaszer – this academic year the GTK mentor team planned a fun event for the first year students: a Faculty trip to Ópusztaszer!

In order to motivate students and take their mind off the study load in this semester, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration together with its GTK mentor team organized a university trip to Ópusztaszer for its newcomer students. The excursion consisted of interesting activities, including visiting the Heritage Park located in Ópusztaszer on 6th October.

The sunny weather of this amazing spot gave us the late summer vibes, as a group we commenced our journey with feeling ancient Hungarian city atmosphere of surroundings. In Ópusztaszer Heritage Park our inquisitive students were able to please their curiosity in Hungarian history: to visit one of Europe’s largest panorama paintings, the Feszty-panorama depicting the arrival of the Conquering Hungarians into the Carpathian Basin; as well as to discover the archaeological excavations of a medieval monastery; to learn about the history of the region through exhibits in the eco-friendly yurts. Furthermore, visitors enjoyed 3D documentary movies about the Hungarian history during this trip.

After all these impressive events, mentors and a group of more than 40 international students continued with playing various games, such as “Count Down” and “Who am I”. In these events we motivated one another to act as a team, to be capable of connecting with others, and to make some new friends. Moreover, the whole mentor team and newcomers formed a friendly, strong bond among themselves; we as a whole crew look forward to organizing another nice event due to bringing us altogether again. The Faculty excursion to Ópusztaszer was concluded with “GTK edition” lottery: all winners got memorial prizes.

Turan Bayramli

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