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Diplomaosztó 2018

Congratulations to the freshly graduated economists!

On 19th January 2018 the economist community welcomed 97 new members to their ranks.

46 students majoring in business and management (29 in the Hungarian and 15 in the English programme), 22 in commerce and marketing and 27 in finance and accounting received their well earned degree during the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration held traditionally in the ceremonial hall of the Study and Information Centre.

The event started with the welcoming words of professor Gábor Szabó, the Rector of the University of Szeged dedicated to both the graduates and their families. The surprise of the ceremony came in the form of a mini concert performed by Bettina Ambrus, secretary of the Institute of Economics and Economic Development, Enikő Balog and Gábor Dávid Kiss, assistant and senior lecturers at the Institute of Finances and International Economic Relations.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Péter Kovács emphasised the importance of the Faculty’s English programme: „Since 2013 non-Europeans have also had the opportunity to study in English at our Faculty. This international training programme was started with only 7 students but now 170 students from 30 different countries are taking part in our programmes in English. This is the third bilingual graduating ceremony in the Faculty’s history. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is an active community where students can make lasting friendships and professional connections that can translate to valuable social capital in the future. What makes the GTK special? The fact that it provides its students with a set of tools: if used well, one can achieve anything with their help. This, however, requires hard work as well – as the Ukranian proverb goes: you can only find free cheese in a mousetrap.”

The Dean expressed his special gratitude toward the people who have long supported the fresh graduates: „The parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and partners can all see now that their investment has come to fruition. The faculty’s professors are also very proud of our graduates along with their high school and elementary school teachers. The future is now in your hands and what profit you are going to make is entirely up to you.”

The official photos taken at the graduation ceremony will be available at the website of the SZTE Alma Mater (www.sztealmamater.hu). After registering and logging in, students shall access the closed group called „GTK Diplomaosztó 2018” to access the photos.

We congratulate our fresh graduates and wish you success in the future!

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