2023. September 30., Saturday

Book premiere at the Faculty: Pricing - The New Frontier

“Pricing: The New frontier” was premiered on the 26th of September at the University of Szeged at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Management.

The book was introduced by Professor Gábor Rekettye & Professor Jonathan Liu - the authors. Gábor Rekettye is a professor at the Institute of Marketing and Tourism, University of Pécs, Faculty of Business & Economics, an Honorary Professor at University of Szeged, Faculty of Business Administration, and a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Professor Liu is a professor of Global Business Management. He is the Lead on research and scholarship at the Faculty of Business & Management at Regent’s University, London.

Professor Rekettye highlighted the main objectives in the book such as the significance of pricing and price management growing globally in relation to the turbulent economic situation, as well as important points about the accelerating technological developments in the field, the saturation of markets, and the ever-evolving globalization.

Szabolcs Prónay, assistant professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged, later held a presentation elaborating further more on the importance of pricing and other aspects of finance with regards to this book.

Following the presentations a round table discussion was held with the participation of Balázs Révész, the chairman of the Hungarian Marketing Education and Research Association (EMOK). The attendees were also able to join the discussion and the authors exchanged questions concerning the book and other relative points.

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