Trip to Szarvas to welcome new international students

For the first time ever, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration organized a daily trip for its international students who enrolled to the University of Szeged in September 2017. On Saturday 7th October, they went to Szarvas, where they visited the mini Hungary exhibition.

The faculty administration, together with the mentors’ team for international students, came up with the idea of a daily trip for the newcomers at the beginning of the current semester. The purpose of the trip was not only to welcome the new students, but also to give them the chance to get together and spend some time in a different environment. Szarvas was the chosen destination: a Hungarian town where it is possible to visit the mini Hungary exhibition, which is a collection of the most famous Hungarian buildings in small size.

On Saturday, 7th of October, a group of about 50 international students joined the trip. The destination was a beautiful natural park where the mini Hungary exhibition was settled. Once there, after being divided into two smaller groups, the students had the chance to see the exposition. It was a wonderful occasion both to know more about the Hungarian history and geography and to see some real pieces of art: the buildings, made of foam-plastic, were faithful copies of the real-size ones. The students were fascinated by castles, theatres and churches, which included also those belonging to the “Old Hungary” and now part of some other countries (e.g. Romania, Slovakia).

After having lunch and enjoying the sunny day on their own, the students gathered together in order to take part in some team-building games and activities. They felt immediately involved in the games, perhaps thanks to the relaxed atmosphere that a place surrounded by nature can offer. By running, playing group games, laughing and sharing snacks the students were able to socialize and come together as a group, far from classrooms and lessons. Before the sunset, the group travelled back to Szeged. At the end of the day, everyone was surely tired but also happy of the new experience they could share with their mates.

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