SZTE GTK - Toastmasters Scientific Presentation Competition 2017

Presentation skills is one of the musts to obtain for future entrepreneurs. Having the identity of the student at the Faculty of Business Administration and Management today is a hope for innovation and value creation in the global market tomorrow. But innovative idea is nothing unless it is followed and appreciated by the members of society and the investors. In order to ensure the recognition of the new ideas, students have to start training their presentation and speech organizing skills from study years.


In line with this thought, on 10 April the Academic Presentation Competition was held co-organized by Toastmasters Szeged and the Faculty of Business Administration and Management, University of Szeged. The event was open for both Hungarian and international students of the Faculty and the participants were free to decide the language preferences of their presentation. It was a great honour for the Faculty to see the crowded audience with the students who were there to support peers and also seek for motivation to improve the presentation skills of their own.


The participants were well-prepared in terms of content and delivery; however, not all of them managed to approach the academic articles assigned creatively. Zalányi Tamás, Simon Dávid and Arailym Seiitkhanova were among the participants who succeeded to create an engagement with the audience through their innovative approaches. Zalányi Tamás from Hungary distinguished himself with fascinating delivery, involving the accurate usage of body language and gestures and was honoured as the First Place Nominee. Simon Dávid from Hungary and Arailym Seiitkhanova from Kazakhstan were notable for creative design and storytelling skills and shared respectively 2nd and 3rd places of the competition.


On behalf of the Business Administration and Management Faculty, we would like to congratulate all the participants onthe incredible courage and effort.

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