Scholarship Award Ceremony

Friday, 24th February is a proudly recognized day of the year for the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

It marked the 10th anniversary of the Scholarship Award Scheme of the Faculty, with the award winning ceremony taking place in the Aula of the Faculty main building. The core purpose of the event was to award the most outstanding Hungarian and international students of the Faculty with scholarships contributing to their tuition fees. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, together with its company partners offer students in receipt of the scholarship 100% or 50% exemption from their tuition fees payable for the spring semester of academic year 2016/2017.


This can be considered as a very lucky and motivational beginning of the semester for the 4 international students also being awarded by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Based on their outstanding study achievements, El-Desouki Karim from Egypt, Giulia Filoso from Italy, Precious Chidinma Amanchukwu and Joshua Chukwuebuka Nwoye from Nigeria earned to be awarded this semester. Their results at the same time reflect the stamina and positive endeavour of a foreign student settling and pursuing studies in a new and at times challenging study environment.


We are delighted and proud to congratulate all the awarded students. We expect a growing number of bright candidates for the Excellence Scholarship Scheme in the upcoming years, hoping it serves as an inspiring example for peer students.

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