Robert Goebbels

Integration club with Mr. Robert Goebbels

A university is not merely an institution providing qualification and theoretical knowledge, it is a place that serves as a solid base for its students’ future goals and motivations. Universities therefore often invite well known professionals asking them to share their career growth and success stories with young, aspiring professionals.

On 10th May 2017 it was a great privilege for the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration to host an Integration Club event about the European Parliament and the Schengen Agreement with the participation of Mr. Robert Goebbels, former Secretary General of the Luxembourgian Socialist Party (LSAP) (1970-1984), former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg (1984-1989), former Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg (1989-1999) and former Member of the European Parliament (1999-2014). The event was organized by Europe Direct Szeged in collaboration with the University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Mr. Goebbels was Chairman at the 1985 Schengen Intergovernmental Conference and was the signatory on behalf of Luxembourg both in the case of the Schengen Agreement and of the Single European Act (the latter in 1986).

Although the available time at the university was limited, Mr. Goebbels managed to take the audience back to the 1980s and share his experiences and expectations regarding the idea of free movement and of Schengen itself, which today is the reason for prospering international relations and economies among European countries. He explained that although Schengen was originally just a small town near the border of Luxembourg, France and Germany, today its name is synonymous with one of the most recognized treaties in the world.

Mr. Goebbels also shared his experiences and observations regarding the many challenges Europe has faced so far and the accurate measures he took while serving in the European Parliament. The audience was obviously fascinated and thrilled to hear true behind-the-scenes stories and experiences from the workings of one of the highest institutions within the EU.

The event continued with broad discussions where students had a chance to approach the speaker with questions and concerns regarding the current instabilities and issues within Europe.

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