GTK Halloween Party for International and Hungarian students

The official Halloween party of the Faculty of Economics and Business administration (GTK) took place on Friday, 27 October 2017, in Széchenyi Café. The students who participated in the event had a great and cheerful night: music, dances and a customs contest contributed to making the atmosphere extremely enjoyable.

The mentors’ team of the faculty is very active this semester. In fact, after arranging a trip to welcome new international students, the team decided to organize an event for what is probably the most famous celebration in this season: Halloween. A party was planned for Friday, 27 October 2017, which was in Széchenyi Café, a popular place in the city centre. The purpose of the event was to give a chance to the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, both international and Hungarian, to gather together as a community.

The first guests started to arrive around 9 pm. Once they entered the room reserved for the event, they were welcome by a perfect Halloween atmosphere, thanks to the decorations put all over the place. More and more participants joined the party during the evening. Some people were just having a drink with their friends, while some others decided to hit the dance floor. Since it was a Halloween party, participants were also encouraged to wear costumes. In order to appropriately reward those who wore a custom, a contest took place: the scariest and the sexiest masks received a small prize. The party went on until about 1 am, when students started to head home, after a night full of fun, happiness and new friendships.

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