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Why GTK?

“First of all, studying at our Faculty means that you are one of the select few who are given the chance to become an economist: a profession that can be pursued in Hungary as well as in Germany or in the United States of America. We have highly skilled professors from various areas of business, so grab the opportunity to enrol in one of their courses in English. This is a very good chance to make international friends. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.”

Ákos Uhrin (Hungary)

“Our students receive a European business BA degree, representing a broad and deep academic understanding of economics as well as a practical and applicable knowledge. At our Faculty, we believe in the power of the community and group thinking, where shared ideas lead to unique knowledge. Therefore, our lectures are based on teamwork and project completion. As a result, our students acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also the managerial skills that are much sought after at international firms and institutions.”

Dr Szabolcs Prónay, Assistant Professor

“Our Master’s programme offers you a solid grounding for a future international career: up-to-date knowledge and skills provided by a teaching staff of both scholars and professionals. If you choose our training programme, you also choose Szeged, my beloved hometown, where you can have a truly international life in an authentic local setting: interesting people from all over the world, nice indoor and outdoor cafés and restaurants, a vibrant cultural life and numerous sports facilities, so you will definitely never be bored here, neither at the university nor in town!”

Dr Anita Pelle, Associate Professor

“Studying at the Faculty of Economics is an amazing journey through study and experience. But luckily you are not alone: you will take this road with your fellow students and friends, who will be there for you to help whenever you need it.”

Márk Olajos (Hungary)

“The talent management programme is based on three pillars, pre-management, post-management and flow management, all three of which are stressed at our Faculty. The target population for the pre-management programmes is secondary school students. Every year, we examine and develop the financial literacy of the students through tests, summer camps and financial days. The flow management programmes concentrate on university students. Various student clubs organise events, discussions, and company and business unit visitor programmes. Our mentor programme can help students who face difficulties in their studies. The post-management programme involves the ALUMNI programme.”

Dr Péter Kovács, Vice-Dean

“Studying at the University of Szeged is the anteroom to knowledge. At our Faculty, students are encouraged to develop their own way of thinking based on the experience and knowledge of great thinkers in order to create something lasting.”

Bence Varga (Hungary)

“Szeged is a peaceful, student-friendly city. We can easily get what we’d like to have in the city centre. The cost of living is lower than in Budapest. The university and the city are combined; there is no barrier between students and the society. It’s a good university to choose. The teachers are responsible and professional. Administrative staff are helpful and warm-hearted: you can always get help from them. There’s a rich student life; there are a lot of pubs. And we can make friends with people from other countries.”

Jiang Xuezi (China)

“If I could highlight only one thing, it would be the community.”

Flóra Fierpasz (Hungary)

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