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Student Life

The students at the Faculty say that every day holds something interesting for them: field trips, workshop discussions, guest lectures and, of course, parties. Economics students find their way outside the lecture halls as well.

Economics Students’ Ball

The annual Economics Students’ Ball is an important social event. The elegant dances and luxurious dinners at the classic ball bring the Faculty community together with actors in the business world.

Sports Day

The students and lecturers compete against each other on the pitch and, afterwards, come together for traditional Hungarian dishes cooked in cauldrons over an open fire and finished off with delicious cakes. The results of these tournaments are legendary.


All bachelor’s programmes have their own professional clubs where members can exchange their views, meet the leading economic actors and organise trips.

Students’ Union

Student interests are served by elected representatives in the Senate and the Faculty Committee. The members of the Union organise counselling as well as free-time activities and events: sports events, ice rink night and concerts add variety to the professional events.

  • 516,000 visitors to Szeged’s museums
  • 2000 species in the university’s Botanical Garden
  • 754 cinema and theatre performances per month
  • 195 species in the Szeged Zoo
  • 32 different sports in the university sports centre
  • 20 parties per month in the university student club

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