Programmes for International Students

Business Administration and Management BSc Programme

The programme is proud to host international - students from various nations from all over the world thus promoting a multicultural atmosphere in which students can strengthen their communicative and problem solving abilities as well as develop a greater sense of tolerance and respect for each other. Students are offered training to meet the challenges of the business world.

Tourism and Catering BSc Programme

Based on modern theoretical foundations, the programme aims at providing high quality practice-oriented knowledge for future professionals speaking multiple languages and capable of accomplishing various tourism related tasks. Graduates of the programme will be capable of leading and organising different tourism-related processes; they will also be equipped to research and analyse the factors influencing demand.

International Economy and Business Master Programme

The global trend of dynamic internationalisation of economic activities calls for a human resource adaptive and responsive to such changes. In the course of developing the full English Master Programme of 120 credits, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged strived for meeting these expectations.

Doctoral School of Economics

The Doctoral School of Economics equips students with complex theoretical and methodological skills essential for understanding the operation and the challenges of today’s economic systems. Addressing the current pressing socio-economic challenges necessitates visions and solutions that are based on multidisciplinary knowledge production. The programme is designed in a way that students may acquire relevant insights not only from the field of economics but also from related disciplines. After the first year, students in our doctoral school specialise in one of the following training programmes: (1) Economic Policy and Globalization; or (2) Ecological Economics.

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