Study in Szeged step-by-step

Please follow the steps below if you intend to apply for the International Economy and Business MSc Programme as a full-time fee-paying student. If you are interested in applying with a scholarship (e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme), kindly refer to the scholarship section of our website.

  1. Register at the official online application platform of the University of Szeged, DreamApply here.
  2. Complete your profile on DreamApply with valid and factually correct information. Use your full name as it appears in your passport!
  3. Make sure to upload high-resolution scanned versions of the following documents:
    • Passport
    • BA/BSc degree (official, notarised English translation)
    • Official transcript of records from your BA/BSc studies
    • English language certificate (IELTS; TOEFL, etc., at least B2 level)
    • Other related documents you want us to consider (SAT score sheet, motivation letter, etc.)
  4. Select the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, International Economy and Business MSc Programme from the available training choices.
  5. Make sure to submit your application and wait for the evaluation updates on DreamApply. Your eligibility is decided by a study board based on the documents you uploaded from your previous BA/BSc studies. Please find the evaluation criteria here.
  6. If your application is accepted and your eligibility is confirmed, you will be issued an invoice for the 200 EUR entrance examination fee. You will have to pay this fee before the deadline set on DreamApply.
  7. Once the entrance examination fee is received, we will organize your oral entrance interview, which will be conducted in an online platform. The details and topics of the entrance interview can be found here.
  8. Once the entrance examination is successfully passed, you will receive the Decision of Admission document via DreamApply and a new invoice for the tuition fee of your first academic year (2 semester; 2 x 2800 = 5600 EUR). Once your tuition fee payment is received you will be sent the Certificate of Payment document.
  9. With your newly acquired Decision of Admission, Certificate of Payment and other related documents specified by the Hungarian authorities you may apply for you D-type study visa to Hungary at the nearest Hungarian consulate or embassy ☺

If you have any specific questions about the admission process, please write to Melinda Kovács, international relations coordinator at

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