Living costs in Szeged

Living expenses

Tuition fee 2800 EUR/semester (including health insurance)
Books 100 EUR / semester
Public transfer - for all routes in the city 12 EUR/month
Accommodation (average expenses, without utilities) in a university dormitory: 80 EUR/month
in a rent: 200–500 EUR/month
Food (average expenses) 350 EUR/month


The University can offer you help in obtaining suitable housing in Szeged. Prices for renting a flat vary from a minimum of 200 EUR to a maximum of 500 EUR per month (payable either in HUF or EUR) depending on the flat's location and comfort. A deposit is usually required. The price of the utilities is not included in the rent. The University also maintains its own apartment house consisting of 24 furnished apartments (1-2-3 room flats). The apartments are located in the suburb (approx. 20 minutes by means of public transport). The rent is approx. 80 EUR per month (payable in HUF) including the utilities such as electricity, gas, heating.

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