Study in Szeged step-by-step

Please follow the steps below if you intend to apply for the Business Administration and Management BSc programme as a full-time fee-paying student.

If you are interested in applying with a scholarship (e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme), kindly refer to the scholarship section of our website.
  1. Register at the official online application platform of the University of Szeged, DreamApply.
  2. Complete your profile in DreamApply with valid and factually correct information. Use your full name as it appears in your passport.
  3. Select the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Business Administration and Management BSc programme from the available training programmes.
  4. There is a 35 EUR non-refundable application fee.
  5. You can pay via Simple Pay or bank transfer. Please check the relevant information about Payment Methods
  6. Make sure to submit your application and wait for the evaluation updates in DreamApply.
  1. Make sure to upload high-resolution scanned versions of the following documents:
    • Valid passport;
    • High school diploma (official, notarised English translation);
    • English language certificate (B2 level language exam, we prefer IELTS and TOEFL but we accept other international language exams also. In case you completed your studies in the English language, please ask for a certificate from your previous school and we accept it as a proof of language proficiency document.);
    • Other related documents you want us to consider (SAT score sheet, recommendation letters, awards, competition certificates, motivation letter, etc.).
  2. The original documents should be presented at the Study Office upon arrival during academic enrolment.

Within two weeks of submitting an application, you will receive an acknowledgement that your application was received, and you can continue the application process with the entrance exam.

  1. If your application is acceptable and your eligibility is confirmed, you will be issued an invoice for the 200 EUR non-refundable entrance examination fee in the DreamApply system.
  2. Once the entrance examination fee is received, we will organize your entrance examination consisting of a written and oral Mathematics and English online test. You will be registered to the electronic study system of the university (Coospace) in order to be able to complete the tests. You should reach minimum 50% to be invited for an oral interview where the aim is to get to know you and your motivation better.
  3. The entrance examination may be skipped with a valid SAT score in Mathematics above a certain threshold. You should participate in a short online oral introductory interview even if you have an SAT score. The SAT certificate shall be uploaded to DreamApply.
  4. Please find attached a practise test here
  5. Mock exam videos are available here: Interview #1 Interview #2
  1. Once you pass the entrance examination successfully, you will receive the Letter of Acceptance document via DreamApply on the day of the oral exam. Admission decision is made by the Entrance Exam Committee taking into consideration the submitted application documents, previous academic achievement and the applicant's performance at the oral interview.
  2. The tuition fee invoice is automatically issued for you in DreamApply. Once your tuition fee payment is received, you will be sent the Certificate of Payment document.
  3. With your newly acquired Decision of Admission, Certificate of Payment and other related documents specified by the Hungarian authorities you may apply for your D-type study visa to Hungary at the nearest Hungarian consulate or embassy.

The tuition fee for one semester is 2500 EUR for the September 2023 intake. However, after admission, you have to pay for the first two semesters in one sum (5000 EUR) because it is the requirement of the Hungarian Immigration Office. From the second year, you pay for one semester at a time, and you can pay in three instalments. If your visa is rejected and you cannot start your studies, we refund the whole amount of the tuition fee you paid.

Documents issued by the university and required by the embassy:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Certificate of payment

Health insurance
The University of Szeged offers health insurance, called Generali Studium, for all admitted students. Health insurance is not included in the tuition fee but can be purchased at the Student Service Office after the official registration is finished. Generali Studium is designed specifically for international students and it covers the costs of general medical services in Hungary. Students are responsible for acquiring their own health insurance for their visa application.

Proof of accommodation document
Unfortunately our university cannot offer dormitory placement for tuition fee payer international students but we provide assistance in finding a room to rent. Szeged is a university town, there are plenty of options

You can find information about the cost of living at the SZTE website, in the Prospective students section.

  • Does the Faculty offer a Fall and Spring intake?
    No, there is only a September intake for our Bachelor programmes.
  • Can I study online if my visa procedure takes long?
    Online education is available only complying with government regulations. International students should arrive by 30 September/ 28 February the latest otherwise they can only start their studies in the next intake.
  • I'm in the final year of secondary school and will earn my certificate in the summer. Can I apply for the September intake?
    Yes, you can apply and complete the entrance exam procedure. You will be granted a Conditionally Accepted status until you earn your secondary school certificate. You will be eligible to enrol only after graduation from secondary school and presenting your secondary school certificate.
  • What scholarship or funding opportunities are available?
    1. The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship is available for international students from appr. 80 countries. It provides the opportunity to study for free in Hungary. For more information about the application procedure and eligible countries, please visit their website:
    2. As a fee-paying student, you can apply for Faculty and company merit-based scholarship after the third completed semester of your studies as well as the National Higher Education Scholarship. They will provide a 50% reduction of the tuition fee for the given semester.
    3. Student Scholarship of Excellence of the Central Bank of Hungary
      Awarded applicants may be granted the amount of scholarship in monthly instalment payments of HUF 50,000 due for a period of 10 months in an academic year (from September to June) provided that the student meets the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.
  • If I have started another BSc programme, may I transfer my credits from my current university?
    The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration accepts previously completed credits from universities within the EU, our partner institutions and from universities in the first 100 places in top rankings.

If you have any specific questions about the admission process, please contact Melinda Kovács, international relations coordinator of the Faculty at

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