Conferences organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 2017

Challenges and Innovations in Statistics Education

Citizens need sophisticated ways of thinking in order to understand complex real social and economic phenomena and to interpret relationships among social and business data correctly. Huge amounts of data, data sources, and visualization tools provide an opportunity to illustrate complex relations with real data. At the same time, the misuse of these tools can lead to misinterpretations, and perhaps to poor decision making.

The goal of the conference is for participants to learn about ProCivicStat materials and other relevant resources, to share their ideas and current practices, and work on Challenges and Innovations in Statistics Education.

European Economic Integration Theory Revisited

European integration is facing the most severe challenges since the signature of the Rome Treaty, the 60th anniversary of which will be celebrated in 2017. In these turbulent times we must remember that for six decades European integration has provided the conditions of a peaceful development for the continent and has served as a model for many regional organizations in other continents.

We call for papers which address the unanswered questions of European economic integration theories – without taboos but using the analytical tools of either economics or political economy with academic rigour.

Challenges in national and international economic policies

Our workshop is open to all PhD students from Central European doctoral schools, working in the fields of economic policy and crisis management. The workshop is held in parallel with the international workshop ‘European Economic Integration Theory Revisited’ organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged, and supported by the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES).

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