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Scope of the programme

The scope of the international doctoral programme in economics is to qualify candidates for individual scientific research and make them well-qualified persons with a variety of accomplishments. Answering theoretical and practical questions related to the operation of the economy has necessitated increasingly complex approaches in the past decades. Exploring the most important socio-economic problems of our times and providing support to meet all challenges require solutions that presuppose the adoption of knowledge acquired in different fields of science.

The science of economics is capable of developing a fruitful relation with numerous peer sciences. During the development of the training and research structure of the international PhD program in Economic and Financial Policy, the academic staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration involves the most important topics related to fields of sciences that could constitute a starting point for providing answers to current economic issues especially from a policy-making point of view. For this reason only those applications are accepted, which have economic and financial policy relevance.


Degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics
Program Duration 8 semesters (2+2 years)
Organizational Structure Full time
Annual intake 6-10 seats
Language English
Credits 240 credits

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