Programme Overview

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Scope of the programme

The Doctoral School of Economics equips students with complex theoretical and methodological skills essential for understanding the operation and the challenges of today’s economic systems. Addressing the current pressing socio-economic challenges necessitates visions and solutions that are based on multidisciplinary knowledge production. The programme is designed in a way that students may acquire relevant insights not only from the field of economics but also from related disciplines. After the first year, students in our doctoral school specialise in one of the following training programmes: (1) Economic Policy and Globalization; or (2) Ecological Economics.


Degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics
Program Duration 8 semesters (2+2 years)
Organizational Structure Full time
Annual intake 6-10 seats
Language English
Credits 240 credits

Contact for admission purpose

Gabriella Maczkó
study coordinator

Dean's Office
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