Young Entrepreneurial Teachers Initiative (Yeti)

2020.09.01. - 2023.08.31.

Aim of the Project

The aims of the project are to:

  • Empirically assess the terminological and conceptual understanding of EE and raise awareness for its educational benefits among ITE students
  • Showcase actual entrepreneurial learning interventions
  • Get ITE students acquainted with entrepreneurial intervention methods, profile their entrepreneurial competence portfolio and enable them to integrate elements of EE into their practical teaching
  • Help teacher candidates to translate gained EE knowledge from rather simulative university contexts into actual classroom environments
  • Enhance the level of entrepreneurial learning interventions at the school level through embracing a new generation of well proficient entrepreneurial teachers

Project results

  • A Teacher Pathway Report (1) entails how students become teachers in different countries of the EU.
  • The Conceptual Screening Report (2) introduces the current status of ITE students regarding entrepreneurship.
  • The Personal Entrepreneurial Canvas Model (3) provides the opportunity for ITE students to assess their entrepreneurial skillset.
  • The School Transfer Strategy Handbook (4) displays challenges of and good practice for knowledge transfer of EE from ITE to actual teaching practice.
  • An Entrepreneurial Education Hub (5) means developing a Wikipedia database, setting up a suitable (technical) infrastructure to get the platform started and populate
  • the Wiki with relevant EE content. The partnership will also cast a wide net and gather information about projects that have developed EE materials for educators (esp. of ITE).
  • The Intervention Showcase Collection (6) gathers good practice examples of EE classroom interventions.

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