Partnership for Initial Teachers Education (PIETE)

2018.09.01 - 2021.08.31.

Aim of the Project

The Partnership for Initial Teachers Education (PIETE) was created with the idea of forming a generation of entrepreneurial teachers in the EU. To do so, PIETE has been generating awareness among ITE educators about the importance of entrepreneurial competence development. It's core aim to establish a profound knowledge base for the benefits of EE and facilitate deliverance of entrepreneurial competence development with ITE specific teaching material.

Project results

  • PIETE Capacity Building Compilation that provides guidance to ITE institutions to foster EE.
  • PIETE Teaching Compendium that enhances entrepreneurial competence and mindset for Higher Education pre-service teacher development programmes.
  • PIETE Discussion Paper that provides insights about the understanding of EE in Austria, Hungary and Poland.
  • PIETE Good Practice Collection that gathers successful examples of EE in ITE across the EU & abroad.

Members from the Faculty

Dr. habil. Szabolcs Prónay
associate professor

Institute of Business Studies
Department of Marketing

  • Edit Tóth, PhD
  • László Kinyó, PhD


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