Implementing Serious Games in Entrepreneurship Education (ISGEE)

2018.09.01 - 2021.08.31.

Aim of the Project

The ISGEE partnership develops a free online game called “Entrepoly” that is focused on entrepreneurial competence development among university students. The game is accompanied by a variety of useful resources – such as a comprehensive teaching toolkit – which facilitates educators to ignite entrepreneurial thinking and action during their lectures.

Project results

  • The central result of the project is the online game Entrepoly (1).
  • The game arrives with an adaptation handbook that is a hands-on explanation for educators to implement Entrepoly (2).
  • A Teaching-toolkit is also provided, that gives a general overview about using gamification for entrepreneurship education supporting those educators who are new to this fieldf (3)
  • A digital benchmark collection is also consturcted where selected good practices (online games) are evaluated (4).

Members from the Faculty

Dr. habil. Szabolcs Prónay
associate professor

Institute of Business Studies
Department of Marketing

Dr. Anita Kéri
assistant professor

Institute of Business Studies
Department of Marketing

Dr. Judit Boros
Head of Student Office, HR administrator

Dean's Office
Study Office


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