Student life in Szeged

Szeged city life

Szeged, known as the "City of Sunshine", is the third largest city situated in the Southern Great Plains of Hungary along the banks of river Tisza. Szeged lies on Hungary's south-eastern border (15 km from the Serbian, and 51 km from Romanian border). It is about 171 km south of capital city Budapest. Szeged is famous among tourists for its lively theater and music shows, paprika, fish soup and wine festivals.

Szeged is an education hub of Eastern Europe. As our campus is situated at the heart of the city, various shopping malls, retail chains, health clubs, hospitals, transportation facilities and other comforts are easily accessible.

Cost of living

We estimates that students need to budget an approximate of 80,000–100,000 HUF (270–350 Euros) per month to cover accommodation costs, costs of utilities, meals, city transportation, instructional materials, some personal expenses and incidentals.(Always use the most current exchange rate!) Actual expenditures will vary depending on individual spending habits.

Students experience

Every student is important, given personal attention and is benefited by quality education and ideal foundation for a professional career in management position.

Opportunity to study at the oldest university of the Southern Great Plain having most recognized international ranking.

Career service helps students and graduates to achieve their career goals, by acting as a bridge between the talented students and graduates and the international job market. Thousands of alumni enjoying professional success in international organizations, national governments, top consulting firms and multinational companies, as well as non-governmental organizations and leading academic institutions, helps to carry out the mission of the university across almost 100 countries around the world.

Student Services

Student’s clubs

  • Enabling knowledge about, and communication with students that go beyond the classroom;
  • Fostering individual, cultural and social development through excursions, corporate visits;
  • Enhancing the institutional capacity to provide an integrated and reflective services program.


The institute has a library with a collection of thousands of books and international journals. Students can access the University library which is one of the largest library in the country with millions of books and periodicals. It is one among the 50 most amazing libraries in the world.

International Atmosphere

  • International experience with one of the best Economics and Business Schools in Hungary
  • Improving intercultural competence
  • Own experiences in Eastern European and Schengen regions
  • Improving language skills (English, acquire basic Hungarian)
  • Ideal foundation for a professional career in management position
  • Opportunity to study at the oldest university of the Southern Great Plain having most recognized international ranking


Institute provides wifi and is accessible to all students.


Cafeteria provides an area for refreshment and offers an innovative and affordably priced menu. It is open to the students and serves a broad selection of items that appeal to every taste and dietary restriction.

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