Interview with Omunu Lawrence Eddie

Please introduce yourself!

Omuni Lawrence EddieMy name is Omunu Lawrence Eddie from Nigeria, and I’m in my third year.

How do you like the international environment in the Faculty?

It’s quite appealing considering the number of different nationalities present.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies!

I love cooking and I play soccer with so much passion, I’m a Manchester United fan with feelings attached. Dancing is an art and lifestyle for me. Yoga to help improve my listening skills.

What are your plans after graduation? Would you like to stay in Hungary to study or would like to work instead?

I would like to do another degree in digital marketing or international relations.

The future is full of opportunities – staying in Hungary is an option to study or a good job opportunity might present itself as well.

What would you advise students who would like to win the Faculty Scholarship in the upcoming years? Please share some academic tips and tricks from your own experiences.

I will only advise students to apply for the scholarship, but certainly don’t study at the university level just for a scholarship because it might lead to misplaced priorities. Exams are excercises in memory. University education defines your future career.

Notwithstanding, academic excellence will automatically earn a student the deserved scholarship applied for.

How would you define the word success?

Success is the discovery of yourself and having a clear sense of purpose in your life’s endeavors.

Do you have a favorite memory from your studies at the University of Szeged (either academic or personal)? Would you please share it with our readers?

During the course of my studies, the underlying factors of my potential came to life. Marketing was never on my agenda. I can analyze situations real fast, but we can only use what we have learned. I gained strength with a clear career vision in my future endeavors.

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