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Dr. Klára Kazár - CV


  • Economist (Commerce and Marketing BA), University of Szeged; 2009
  • Economist (Marketing MSc), University of Szeged; 2012

Scientific title:

PhD (economics) 2016: Examining the psychological sense of a brand community in the case of music festivals with PLS path analysis

Education activity:

2012 –
Statistics II. (BSc)
2012 –
Statistics I. (BSc)
2013 – 2018
Introduction to the usage of SPSS (BSc)
2014 – 2017
Statistics I. (BSc, in English)
2014 – 2017
Economic- and social statistics (MSc)
2015 – 2018
Statistics II. (BSc, in English)
2015 –
Economic- and social statistics (MSc, in English)
2016 –
Mathematical statistics (MSc)
2017 – 2019
Introduction to quantitative research (PhD)
2018 –
Social and Economic forecasting (MSc)
2019 –
Introduction to quantitative research (PhD, in English)
2020 –
Multivariate (advanced) statistics (PhD, in English)

Important publications:

  • Kazár K. (2014): A PLS-útelemzés és alkalmazása egy márkaközösség pszichológiai érzetének vizsgálatára. Hungarian Statistical Review, 92, 1, 33-52. o.
  • Kazár K. (2014): PLS Path Analysis and its Application for the Examination of the Psychological Sense of a Brand Community. Procedia Economics and Finance, 183-191. o.
  • Majó-Petri Z. – Kazár K. (2016): The MOOC business model: The e-business and autonomous work inflection point in higher education? Journal L Association 1901 SEPIKE, 14, 102-108. o.
  • Kazár K. (2016): Using statistical datasets for describing poverty and income inequality. In Engel, J. (ed.): Promoting Understanding of Statistics about Society Proceedings of the Roundtable Conference of the International Association of Statistics Education (IASE), International Statistical Institute, Berlin, electronic proceedings.
  • Kazár K. (2020): Brand communities and self-concept congruency in the case of a music festival. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 20, 2, 157-169. o.

Participation in projects:

High school financial literacy survey project
statistical analyst, 2013
Graduate Career Tracking System - TÁMOP 4.1.3
statistical analyst, 2013-2014
MOOC developing project - TÁMOP 4.1.1
managing expert, 2015
Promoting Civic Engagement via Exploration of Evidence: Challenges forStatistics Education – Erasmus+ Strategic Cooperation
researcher, curriculum developer, 2015-2018
EFOP-3.4.3 project - AP6 subproject (Open Online Education)
subproject leader, curriculum developer, 2017-2018

Conference organization:

Challenges for Analysis of the Economy, the Businesses, and Social Progress, International Scientific Conference, Szeged
Member of the Organizing Committee Nov. 19-21. 2009
Management Innovation in Business and Non-Business, Szeged
Member of the Organizing Committee Nov. 28-29 2013
Challenges and Innovations in Statistics Education Multiplier Conference of PROCIVICSTAT
Member of the Organizing Committee Sept. 7-9. 2017


  • Hungarian Statistical Association, 2012-
  • International Statistical Institute, International Association For Statistical Education (IASE), 2013-
  • Hungarian Association for Marketing Education and Research, 2014-
  • Hungarian Scientific Competition (OTDK) Faculty Coordinator, 2015-2018
  • Committee for Distance Learning Programme (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), 2016-
  • EMAC (European Marketing Academy), 2018-


  • Pro Laudanda Promotione Award, 2019

Language Skills:

  • German, Intermediate level (B2), 2004
  • English, Intermediate level (B2), 2009
  • English, Advanced level (C1), 2014

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