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Dr. Gábor Dávid Kiss - CV

Dr. habil. Gábor Dávid Kiss
associate professor

Institute of Financial and Economic Analysis
Department of Finance


  • Habilitation in Economics (Unconventional monetary policy and foreign exchange rates, 2017)
  • PhD in Economics (Defining Contagion and Divergence Based on the Extremity of Daily Returns - on the networks of the East-Central European stock, bond and currency markets, 2012)
  • MA in Business Administration (Finance specialization, Economic Psychology minor, 2007)

Research Interests

Financial contingency lines against global systemic meltdowns
  • Kiss, Gábor Dávid; Tanács, Gábor Zoltán; Lippai-Makra, Edit; Rácz, Tamás (2020): Last Resort: European Central Bank's Permanent Engagement in Tackling Foreign Exchange Liquidity Disruptions in the Euro Area Banking System. FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC REVIEW, 19 : 4 pp. 83-106. : http://doi.org/10.33893/FER.19.4.83106
Unconventional monetary policy and capital markets.
  • Scimagojr Q3: Mészáros, Mercédesz; Kiss, Gábor Dávid (2020): Spillover effects of unconventional monetary policy on capital markets in the shadow of the Eurozone: A sample of non-Eurozone countries. REVIEW OF ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES/ NÁRODOHOSPODÁRSKY OBZOR: THE JOURNAL OF MASARYK UNIVERSITY 20 : 2 pp. 171-195. https://doi.org/10.2478%2Frevecp-2020-0008
  • Scimagojr Q3: Kiss, Gábor Dávid; Balog, Enikő (2018): Conventional and unconventional balance sheet practices and their impact on currency stability. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS AND FINANCE 11 : 1 pp. 76-94. https://doi.org/10.1504%2FIJMEF.2018.090575
Contagions on capital markets.
  • Csiki, Máté; Kiss, Gábor Dávid (2018): Capital Market Contagion in the Stock Markets of Visegrád Countries Based on the Heckman Selection Model. FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC REVIEW, 17 : 4 pp. 23-52. http://doi.org/10.25201/FER.17.4.2352
  • Scimagojr Q3: Kiss, Gábor Dávid; Schuszter, Tamás (2015): The Euro Crisis and Contagion among Central and Eastern European Currencies: Recommendations for Avoiding Lending in a Safe Haven Currency such as CHF. PRAGUE ECONOMIC PAPERS 24 : 6 pp. 678-698. https://doi.org/10.18267%2Fj.pep.530


Cambridge Assessment English: Certificate in ESOL International (Council of Europe Level C1)
Foreign teaching experience (teaching for an entire semester at a foreign university or institute):
  • MDI Gurgaon (New Delhi, India): „Financial Modelling” (2020. January 18. – 2020. January 30.), 10*1,5 lecture, 10*1,5 seminar (guest lecturer)
  • Silesian University in Opava (Karvina, Czechia): „International Business Finance” (2014. September 23. – 2014. December 19.), 12*1,5 lecture (Campus Hungary)

Teaching in English at the University of Szeged:

International PhD programme in Economic and Financial Policy
  • Econometrics (since 2017) – Matlab and Eviews softwares, research studies

International Economy and Business Master programme

  • International Finance (since 2014)
  • International Financial Management (since 2015) – Matlab software, case study

Business Administration and Management BSc Programme

  • Introduction to Finance (since 2014)
  • European Economic and Monetary Union (since 2014)
  • Complexities on Capital Markets (since 2015) – Matlab software, case study

Other, short-term research-or training-related motilities:

  • 2019 Center of Excellence in Finance (Ljubljana, SLO): Intermediate Time-Series Analysis workshop – "Data Quality: Missing Data Analysis and Extreme and Outlier Data", participant and presenter, 1 week
  • 2019 University of Tartu, Estonian Center of Industrial Mathematics – Estonian Study Group with Industry – ESGI 151 (Tartu, EST): Big data analysis in Matlab for bank customer segmentation (COST Action TD1409 Mathematics for industry network), 1 week
  • 2012 EUIJ-Kansai, University of Kobe, University of Kyoto (Japan): visiting researcher for 2 weeks
  • Erasmus teaching mobility: Tomas Bata University (Zlín, CZ), University of Maribor (Maribor, SLO), Silesian University in Opava (Karviná, CZ), Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu, FI), Nicolaus Copernicus University (Torun, PL)

Thesis topic supervisor

  • students who obtained their degrees: Zalán Kocsis (MNB), Ádám Czelleng (GKI), Marianna Sávai (50%, SZTE GTK), Ampah Isaac Kwesi (SZTE GTK)
  • In doctoral programme: Dóra Sallai, Alipanah Sabri, Mercédesz Mészáros, Thanh Trung Bui, Máté Csiki (50%), Senanu Kwasi Klutse, János Zoltán Varga (50%)

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