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Dr. Eszter Megyeri - CV

Dr. Eszter Megyeri
assistant professor

Institute of International Economics and Business


  • PhD in Management Science
  • MSc in Management and Consulting; Intercultural Business Communication
  • BSc in Logistics and Distribution Management; Marketing Management

Research Interests

Relationship management, B2B relations, Equity and equity sensitivity


Eszter Megyeri has obtained her master’s degree in Management and Consulting from the University of Pécs in 1997. She holds a PhD in Management Science. She joined the University of Szeged in 2006 and has a strong practical background in supply chain management in the FMCG industry. Her research interest is in relationship management in B2B relations.


MSc course:
Supply Chain Management, International Human Resource Management.
BSc course:
Logistics, Operations Managements.

Research Topics

  • The Impact of Equity Sensitivity on Mental Health-Innovation Orientation-Turnover Intention
  • Perception of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • Impact of Industrial revolution 4.0 on start-up companies

Recent / Current Research Projects

  • EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00007 Impact of Industrial revolution 4.0 on start-up companies.

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