Interview with Precious Chidinma Amanchukwu

Please introduce yourself and share some interesting facts about yourself with our readers.

Precious Chidinma AmanchukwuMy name is Amanchukwu Precious, a small but mighty Nigerian girl. I’m so tiny most people think I’m between 13-16 years old; I’m 22. I always strive to be the best in everything I do. My mother is my role model and the quote she gave me, “work with the end in mind”, has carried me through a lot of things in my life. I am a perfectionist.

Tell us more about your hobbies and leisure time activities.

I’m an indoor person. I love staying home, relaxing and watching series. What I love most is cooking; most times I invite my friends over to cook for them.

How did you decide to come to Hungary and specifically to Szeged for studies?

I came to Szeged to study medicine, but along the line I realised it was not for me. So, I decided to switch to Business, best decision I made.

What do you love most about the University and the city?

The relationship you can have with fellow classmates, teachers, and officials.

How do you balance time between fun and studies?

Prioritise! Getting your priorities right is the key. I know within myself that having too much fun would do me more harm than good. I have my set goals so I know to achieve them I need to cut down on “having fun”. I know what is too much and what is ok.

What are the tips you can advise to fellow students in order to be successful in their studies?


Dare to be different.

Keep the right friends/ company.

Avoid laziness and procrastination.

Work with the end in mind. You need to set your goals and work towards being the best.

What are your short-term goals after graduation? In which area do you see yourself as an intern?

After graduation, I want to rest. Haha. I’m not a robot, my head is overheating. Anyway, I’d really like to go back home and take over the family business.

Do you have any long term goals regarding future career plans? If yes, could you please share them with us?

I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to be different and noticed.

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