Interview with Giulia Filoso

Please introduce yourself and share some interesting facts about yourself with our readers.

Giulia FilosoHello everyone! I am Giulia and I am 20 years old. I come from Italy, specifically from a small town in the Northern part of Italy. Back in Italy, I was part of a Student Union for about 3 years and thanks to this experience, I realized I had some leadership and organizational skills that I could not see before. When I chose to study business administration, I didn’t choose it because I was good in those subjects, but because I knew it matched my personal features and skills. Now, after two years of studies, I can say it was the right choice!

Tell us more about your hobbies and leisure time activities.

Well, I love cooking. Any time I am at home and have some free time, I start baking and cooking. This is my main way of relaxing. As most of the students I also enjoy watching series and movies. Also, I have become a huge Mol-Pick Szeged fan (local handball team), and I often go to the sports hall to see the handball matches. Of course, I usually go out to enjoy the night life of Szeged as well. There is nothing better than drinking a beer with your friends in one of the crowded pubs of the city.

How did you decide to come to Hungary and specifically to Szeged for studies?

To be honest, coming to Hungary for my studies was never in my plans. However, 4 years ago, during an exchange programme between my high school and a Hungarian high school, I met a person that changed my mind. I decided to continue my studies in Szeged in order to stay with this person, who actually is my boyfriend.

What do you love most about the University and the city?

As I said before, I come from a small town and I think that’s why I find myself comfortable in Szeged, which is not a big city. I love the fact that anything I need can be reached by simply going out for a walk (fortunately I live in the city centre). I also find amazing that in the city centre there are so many parks and green areas, which make the city even more colourful.

About the university, I love being in an international environment and I immediately felt involved in the university courses and activities.

How do you balance time between fun and studies?

I usually go out to have some fun during the week, mostly to feel less the pressure of the courses and the tiredness. Then, most of my studying is done during the weekend, when I have time to organize as I prefer.

What are the tips you can advise to fellow students in order to be successful in their studies?

In my opinion, the most important thing is not to study just a couple of days before the exam, or you will most probably forget everything you studied a week after. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to study every day for 5 hours, but I think; for example, that attending the classes and taking care of your notes is already a big help.

What are your short term goals after graduation? In which area do you see yourself as an intern?

After graduation, I am planning to start the Master programme, most probably here in Szeged. I feel that the bachelor programme could not be enough for me to reach my goals.

However, as an intern, I would see myself working in the marketing area, even though I like accounting as well. Fortunately, I can think it over for some months still!

Do you have any long term goals regarding future career plans? If yes, could you please share them with us?

I am still reflecting on my long term goals, but I can surely say that by biggest ambition is to start my own activity in the service sector, perhaps, in a restaurant since I also love cooking.

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