Interview with Aseel-Diana Mustafa

Please introduce yourself!

Aseel-Diana MustafaHello guys! My name is Aseel-Diana Mustafa, I have Palestinian origins and I hold a Jordanian passport. I am now a third year student here at the University of Szeged. Before coming here in 2015 to pursue my studies in the world of business i used to live in several countries including Hungary, Jordan and Kuwait. I speak three languages fluently and in the process of learning the fourth.

How do you like the international environment in the Faculty?

International environment has been my life for 23 years now. I grew up in a family with parents from not just different countries but different continents altogether with two very different cultures and religions. International environment has always been my comfort zone, fortunately the University of Szeged has provided a diversity of nationalities and cultures as it brought people from all around the world under one sealing.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies!

I am quite interested in cars and basically any fast vehicle. I really like driving, dancing, swimming and boxing.

What are your plans after graduation? Would you like to stay in Hungary to study or would like to work instead?

As a start, after graduation I would like to start working here in Hungary specifically Szeged or Budapest. Somewhere in the near future I also plan to continue my studies and get a masters’ degree.

What would you advise students who would like to win the Faculty Scholarship in the upcoming years? Please share some academic tips and tricks from your own experiences.

Every new beginning might seem stressful, therefore it is really important to believe in yourself and do your best because basically we can do anything we put our minds to.

Don’t let laziness get to you, focus, prepare, plan and achieve.

How would you define the word success?

I think success is the feeling of satisfaction when you achieve something you really wanted and worked hard for. Success is the ability to do something you like and make those who matter around you proud of you.

Do you have a favorite memory from your studies at the University of Szeged (either academic or personal)? Would you please share it with our readers?

My favorite experience was meeting so many people from all around the world and gaining this opportunity to learn about many cultures, traditions and ways of thinking. And mainly the chance to prove that no matter where we come from after all we are all human and if we really wanted to we could put all the differences away and get along, which we did and we became more like a little family. Thank you Szeged!

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