Scholarship Award Ceremony

Scholarship Award Ceremony

The scholarship award ceremony of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was held on 20 February, Friday. It was the 6th occasion to reward the best students of the faculty. Currently, 103 students are studying with a scholarship and 19 companies are supporting them.

74 scholarships were given this day. Among these, 70 were offered by the faculty and the rest by different firms. As a milestone in the history of the faculty scholarship scheme, a scholarship was awarded to an international student who has been studying in the English language BA training program of the faculty since 2013. It was a great curiosity that three languages were used in the course of the festive event. Beside Hungarian and English, German was in the focus, as a courtesy to one of the scholarship maker companies, ContiTech.

Students achieving the best results in their studies could receive their award today. The scholarship scheme provides not only financial support, but also acknowledgement of effort for the recipients, this way motivating all the students of the faculty to strive for better achievements in their studies.

We congratulate all the students who have fulfilled the requirements to receive the scholarship.

University of Szeged Scholarship Award Ceremony
University of Szeged Scholarship Award Ceremony

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