Lecture rooms

Main building on Kálvária avenue

H-6722 Szeged, Kálvária avenue. 1.

Floor Plan of KO Ground Level Floor Plan of KO 1st Floor Floor Plan of KO 2nd Floor Floor Plan of KO 3rd Floor Floor Plan of KO 4th Floor

Lecture Rooms (denoted KO in Neptun)

Neptun code Name Floor
KO 004-5 Kálvária 004 terem ground floor
KO 005-5 Kálvária 005 terem ground floor
KO 007-5 Kálvária 007 terem ground floor
KO-101-5 Kálvária 101 terem 1st floor
KO-104-5 Kálvária 104 terem (PC) 1st floor
KO-105-5 Kálvária 105 terem (PC) 1st floor
KO-108-5 Kálvária díszterem 1st floor
KO 410-5 Kálvária 410 terem 4th floor

Lecture building

H-6722 Szeged, Feketesas street 28.

Lecture Rooms (denoted GO in Neptun)

Neptun code Floor
Pisztóry Mór terem (Szemináriumi szoba) (GO-005-5) Ground floor
Surányi-Unger Tivadar terem (I. sz. tanterem) (GO-100-5) 1st floor
Ifj. Boér Elek terem (II. sz. tanterem) (GO-200-5) 2nd floor
Laky Dezső terem (III. sz. tanterem) (GO-300-5) 3rd floor
Navratil Ákos terem (IV. sz. tanterem) (GO-400-5) 4th floor

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In keeping with the Hungarian Higher Education Act, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration University of Szeged (’GTK’) announces an application for teacher’s assistant positions for the Spring semester of the 2019/2020 academic year in order to involve the most competent students in the Faculty’s teaching work and prepare them for their professional career.

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