Photography exhibition

An intriguing photography exhibition fittingly titled “Reflecting Opposites” was ceremoniously opened on 28th April by Hungarian photographer András Kukucska.

The pictures capturing a wide and colourful variety of urban impulses can be viewed until 13th May at the second floor meeting place of the GTK KO building.

Ademi Orazaly and Turgut Hasanli (from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, respectively) are both undergraduate students at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, but they also happen to be aspiring and talented photographers. For this special exhibition they were trying to capture inspiring everyday moments from the life of university students in Szeged reflecting the dualities of city versus nature, light versus shade and buildings versus people – all presented within the unique framework of the great city of Szeged.

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A few days before the COVID19 crisis pushed all of us into home-isolation, two international bachelor students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration did manage to accomplish a last minute programme further developing their personal talents and skills.


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