Dr. Júlia Király - Habilitation Presentation

Dr. Júlia Király gave her habilitation presentation at the local seat of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) on 23rd September 2016 in Szeged.

The central part of the lecture focused primarily on the great financial economic crisis (2007-2013). After giving a brief overview of the crisis’ history and its way of spreading Dr. Király compared the liquidity crisis to the almost complete disappearance – „drying up” – of the Aral Sea over a very short period of time. The presentation also analyzed the sovereign crisis of the Eurozone using the famous example of the lazy grasshopper and the busy ant (periphery and central EU countries, respectively). In conclusion the presentation stressed – among other factors – the importance of strict regulations, adequate risk management and consumer protection.

The audience was impressed by the presenter’s excellent command of language and the overall quality of the presentation. Participants also had a chance to ask questions of Dr. Király leading to a constructive discussion about the main issues raised by the presentation.

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