Coffee Networking Evening

30 November, 2016
Millenniumi Kávéház, Szeged

30 November marked the evening which brought together the international students of the faculty with the purpose of broadening their professional network at the event entitled “Coffee Networking Evening”. The international students had a chance to consider their future business ideas and job perspectives in collaboration with company representatives and university professors in a friendly environment by sharing a cup of coffee.

During the peak of the exam preparation, when students are so much focused on the theoretical part of their studies, they might forget about the essence of the university degree they are just about to obtain. In fact, successful graduation is not only about attaining the Diploma with a hopefully high average but also about being able to put the theory into practice in one’s future life. Especially, when it comes to business studies, it is highly important to consider that thinking out of box will lead to a successful career in the future. The goal of the “Coffee Networking Evening” was to create an environment where students would step out of their comfort zone and think on future career perspectives.

During the event, students had a chance to approach the professional guests from ContiTech Rubber Industrial, HR expert Nikoletta Tóth and experts from Recruitment Solutions Ltd. (SSC) Kata Szénási and Anna Bokor, also the professors of the faculty in order to get advice and practical guidance on how to develop their skills in order to become a good candidate for the global labour market. The informative sessions held by the experts provided detailed and accurate information on how to be a competitive candidate when applying to different job positions.

Additionally, students could enjoy the networking icebreaker activities, live music accompany and the presentation of the fellow students on how to be a good presenter. And of course… A cup of friendly coffee ☺

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