Guest lecturers Kazahstan

Guest lecturers at GTK from Narxoz University, Kazakhstan

On the week of 21 March 2022, two guest lecturers arrived to GTK from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our Faculty established an Erasmus partnership with Narxoz University in November 2019.

Because of the COVID pandemic, this is the first accomplished teaching mobility between the universities. Two guest lecturers visited GTK and held lectures. Adelya Kuandykova from the Tourism and Hospitality Department of Narxoz University was a guest speaker at the Travel Agency Marketing class of Dr. Szabolcs Prónay.

This is a course for our English language Tourism and Catering BSc programme. In her presentation she introduced the tourism of Kazakhstan, including the tourism market of Kazakhstan and the comparison of the Hungarian and Kazakh hospitality spheres. She explained in detail the working processes of Kazakh tour agencies and tour operators, tourist types, destination marketing organization and destination images settlements. "It was a wonderful experience, students were so active and interested in the topic". - Adelya

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Zulfiya Imrayova from the Faculty of International Educational Program at Narxoz University announced a full course for international students with the title Multiculturalism in Central Asia. The aim of the course was to introduce the cultural and linguistic diversity in contemporary Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan from social-historical perspectives of the major ethnic minority groups. She discussed the majority-minority relations, minorities’ traditions and culture, assimilation, marginality and their prospects in the nationalizing post-Soviet states.

The course will continue online in April with the ethno-cultural and linguistic features of Kurd communities, Uighurs and Uzbek ethnic groups in Kazakhstan. "It was a great experience for me to visit Szeged University with great supportive administration staff and I hope we will be in close touch.

The students were really amazing, they are very curious about my course. We spent much time debating over the issues in the Central Asian region even after the classes late in the evening." - Zulfiya

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The Erasmus exchange programme to Almaty is extended and it is open for students as well. In this semester GTK hosts 4 exchange students from Narxoz University.

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