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Graduation ceremony at the SZTE Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration held its graduation ceremony on 8 July 2022 in the TIK Study and Information Centre. Altogether 355 students graduated as economists in 2022, while 246 of them participated at the ceremony and received their degree in person.

Dr. Péter Kovács, dean of the Faculty, welcomed the guests including Dr. Péter Zakar, Vice-Rector for International and Public Relations of the University of Szeged, Dr. Beáta Udvari, Deputy Dean for Education of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Dr. Zoltán Bajmócy, Deputy Dean for Science of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration as well as the deans of fellow faculties and representatives of the company partners.

Due to the large number of graduates, the ceremony was held in two sessions. In the morning, the students of undergraduate programmes (120 students) and the higher education vocational training programmes (22 students) received their degree, while in the afternoon the Faculty organized a bilingual ceremony for graduates of our English language programmes (38 students), Hungarian language master programmes (46 students) and postgraduate specialist training programmes (20 students). Our Business Coach postgraduate programme was launched in 2021, so the first graduates obtained their certificate in July 2022.

Dr. Péter Kovács dean emphasized the role of the family members, secondary school teachers in helping the fresh graduates during their studies as well as the company partners of the Faculty who support the Hungarian and international GTK students with scholarships.

In his special farewell speech, he highlighted the similarities between the university years and current social and economic issues as well as the moral lessons and hidden messages of the Harry Potter books. “Plan, dream, be yourself, care about your friends, use your abilities and knowledge but remember the words of Dumbledore: It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – advised the dean in his takeaway message.

The professional photos taken at the ceremony would be uploaded to the SZTE Alma Mater website. Graduate students should register at the website and enter the GTK graduation ceremony July 2022 private group to access the pictures.

We would like to congratulate to all freshly graduated students and we wish them the best of luck for their future career!

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