TDK application deadline

Apply to the GTK Faculty-level Scientific Student Competition (TDK) of the Spring Semester!

Did you know that it is not only for Hungarian students but international students may join this scientific competition also? The opportunity is open both for BSc and MSc students!

Hungarian GTK students are extremely successful in the nationwide finals and you have the chance to join them. Two years ago international students took part also and won two first prizes and one special prize, read about it here.

If You

  • are interested in testing Your research and presentation skills,
  • are ready for a short introduction of Your planned research on 01 April 2021,

REGISTER for the GTK Faculty round of the Scientific Student Competition.

We highly recommend you to participate if you wish to pursue Phd studies or an academic career later.

Most important deadlines:

08 March 2021 23:59: Application deadline (via email):
• 01 April 2021 Research Forum (compulsory for applicants)
• 09 May 2021 23:59: Submission deadline (on CooSpace scene)
• 03 June 2021 Faculty round of TDK

If you decide to start this journey, pick your favourite topic, choose a supervisor and be ready to improve a lot in academic skills and become the expert of your topic. GTK students are remarkably successful in TDK competitions which is due to their ambitions and the commitment of GTK professors. Intense cooperation with your supervisor is guaranteed.

In the Fall semester Morgan Stanley joined the Faculty round Scientific Competition to find talented and enthusiastic individuals. They encouraged students to use every available opportunity, including TDK, to practice their skills and boost their future career.

If you are interested in TDK, join our FB group!

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