The first place to GTK once again in the Presentation Techniques Competition university finals

In the faculty round of the Presentation Techniques Competition, Serene Abdinnour, 2nd year bachelor student from Palestine won the first place out of 27 competitors. Thus, she received the opportunity to represent the faculty of Economics and Business Administration in the university round of the competition, which took place on the 3rd of April 2019.

In the university round, Serene went up against 11 other participants representing the faculties of the university. Serene displayed perseverance and dedication throughout the process, even against hardships. With the guidance of Dr Balázs Révész and and Erika Seres, and help from her friends and family, Serene made a presentation that won her first place: she could successfully involve the audience by asking questions and raise their attention by moving strategically around the stage. Additionally, she was definitely able to transmit her enthusiasm to her listeners and it was impossible not to pay attention to her speech. Her success made this the fourth year in a row that the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has won the university round of the Presentation Techniques Competition.

Congratulations to Serene!

Annie R. Philip

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