Poetry at Noon

Poems recited by international students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Poetry vibes of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration students are on the horizon – sweet reminisces of the written words on the birthday of Attila József.

The University Spring cultural programme scheme commenced with the performances of three poetic pieces by the international students of the Faculty. The public audience of the programme got the opportunity to get familiar with the performers’ reason for choices in poems. The programme scheme will continue until 18 May, with contributions of the passionate participants.

Turan Bayramli with his choice of ‘By the Danube’ by Attila József (in English), Turan Abbaszade with her choice of ‘Five-Six’ by Nasimi (in Azerbaijani) and Ahmed Abdullah Sufian with his choice of ‘If the People Wanted Life One Day’ by Abu al-Qasim al-Shab (in Arabic) were stars of the event by being the first performers.

The Szeged audience was enjoying the rhythm in the intonations of these three languages used by our students. The concept of poem choices was mainly focused on resonating the vitality of changes and motivation in going forward regardless of challenges. Interestingly, despite the different centuries and time periods these poems were written, the relativeness in the idea of human will for improvement and understanding fascinated the listeners.

GTK students, members of the Writing & Public Speaking Club are eager to share poetry vibes all around Szeged with the help of these kinds of events.

Turan Bayramli

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