GTK International Freshmen Day in Szeged 2019

GTK International Freshmen Day in Szeged

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration organized its now traditional Freshmen Day for new international students starting their first year of academic studies at the University of Szeged.

The mentor team of the Faculty contributed greatly to the event with their ideas and organizational skills: they planned a modest but fun sightseeing tour complete with historical trivia about some famous landmarks of Szeged ending the journey at ‘Bortér’, Szeged’s autumn wine festival.

The freshmen students of the GTK got a chance to meet new people from their class and they were also educated about the history of the city of sunshine by enjoying a walking tour with members of our mentor team. The spots visited by the groups included Széchenyi square, the National Theatre of Szeged, the University library, the flood memorial of 1879 and the old water tower in Szent István square.

The Freshmen Day event aims at representing the warm welcome of the University of Szeged community towards our new fellow students. Each year we hope to convey the positivity of the city to newcomers.

The University of Szeged, where knowledge meets challenge!

Turan Bayramli

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