Exhibition in the Aula: 'we don’t really like each other with the walls'

Opening: 5pm 8 April
On show in Szeged until: 26 April

Exhibiting artists: Róbert Bordás , Sári Ember, Dániel Halász, Marcell Piti, Anna Rubi, Viktória Vígh, Andris Zombori
Members of the group 'Living Independently - in a Community': Gábor Farkas, Erika Hruskó, Zóra Molnár, Zsuzsanna Turi, Judit Kisfaludi, Péter Balázs, Andrea Csizovszky
Project leader: Anna Rubi
Curator: Tünde Török

The exhibition examines the processes of cooperation, how dialogues work between individuals and the identity forming nature of community coalition. During the project the members of 'Living Independently', a group of disabled people or people with reduced mobility, worked together with young Hungarian artists. They started the experimental project as strangers, and went through an interview-like process when creating artworks together. The project demonstrates how during the process of getting to know each other two people in cooperation create something that they would not be able to do without the other. The show also aims to raise awareness of the diversity of the life of a person in a wheeelchair and challenges people's preconceptions.

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