The Founding Event of Writing & Public Speaking club (November 30, 2018)

Writing & Public Speaking (WPS) club started operating as a student organization in the University of Szeged – the club commenced meetings with its founding event!

Writing & Public Speaking club is an international assembly of students, where members are aiming at fortifying their creative writing, public speaking, and other interpersonal skills. The ingenious students of the University of Szeged established their own club in order to motivate other people taking part in extracurricular activities more often, exchanging their works such as poems, independent writing, and etc. with one another.

The founding event of Writing & Speaking club was held in the KO Building, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Writing & Public Speaking – WPS club is going to establish a community for students who are interested in creative writing, fond of giving a speech on various topics, looking forward to sharing their own works.

WPS club gave a brief speech about the goals of this club to its more than 40 club members from different study programs, played ice-breaking event games with associates and attendees, and had guest speakers in the topic of contemporary poetry and public speaking. The event was open for everyone, being a club member was not a must for attending the event.

The University of Szeged is more than happy to support its diligent, activist students to take the initiative in their academic and social life.

The Founding Event of Writing and Public Speaking club

- Turan Bayramli

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