Sports Day

18th April 2018

Today we have attended the Sports Day organized by students of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration. The whole day was full of various programmes and activities: all participants seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Before the event students had to decide whether they wanted to participate in sports competitions or join a cooking team. The event offered a wide range of sports and activities to choose from – we tried to photograph some of them to capture the atmosphere of the day.

Traditional activities included basketball, soccer and tennis among other sports. The students played in teams but it’s important to mention the calm atmosphere of the competitions. The day was not about winning the games, but rather about having fun together.

Besides the traditional sport activities students also decided to organize fun things like rodeo riding or cart racing – these were quite new to us as in Germany only the really traditional and typical sport activities are offered like running or long distance casting.

The group responsible for the cooking had a nice, separate area to work in. They used fresh vegetables and made an outside barbecue with delicious food.

In our opinion the whole Sports Day was a great success. Although we arrived rather early at the event there was already much going on, many people were laughing together and had a good time with their fellow students. In summary the whole day was interesting to witness. We had a lot of fun and it’s always nice to see how hospitable Hungarians are.

Faculty Sports Day  

Fabia Horvath and Alina Becker

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