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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its founding and the 25th anniversary of the first economics training programme in Szeged, the University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration launches a competition for both its current and already graduated students to design the Faculty’s jubilee logo.

The competition’s goal is for the finished logo to contribute significantly to the emphasis the Faculty is going to put on this important jubilee in its 2019 communications and also to provide an opportunity for economics students to present their original ideas. We believe our students are the ones that know the values associated with the economics training programmes in Szeged the best, thus they are best equipped to present their feelings towards the faculty in the most genuine way by designing a jubilee logo.

On the one hand the jubilee logo must reflect the values and identity of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, while on the other it must also fit the existing official image of the Faculty. (The guidebook on the Faculty’s image is available in room 212 in the Dean’s Office.)

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration wishes to celebrate its jubilee with a wide range of events. Numerous professional and recreational programmes will take place not inteded solely for the Faculty’s students and workers. Besides current students and workers of the Faculty the main target group of these events consist of the Faculty’s already graduated students (alumni) along with its partner companies that throughout the last 20 years have been contributing significantly not only to the development of the quality of education but also to the evolving definition of the Faculty’s identity and values. It is advised to take these factors – the role of the alumni and the partner companies – into consideration as well when designing the logo or at least to produce an easily understandable message and concept for these target groups. It is also important to strengthen the sentiment of belonging to the community of Szegedian economists.

When designing the logo it is worth taking into account that although the study of economics is a highly regarded scientific field, the Faculty of Economics itself is one of the youngest faculties of the University of Szeged. Regardless of its young age the Faculty has been providing high quality education in a youthful and informal manner for the past two decades. The Faculty cultivates close relationships with its graduated students and partner companies that ensures all cooperations and communications to be flexible and effective.

We have defined a number of ways the logo might be used but we are open to new ideas about alternative ways for the logo’s future usage on top of the following:

  • printed publications (leaflets, posters)
  • online platforms (websites, social media platforms)
  • video platforms

All entries to the competition shall be submitted online. One applicant may submit more than one pieces of work to the competition.

The visual image of the proposed logo shall be included in the submitted documentation. The logo might be created using widely utilized image formats (.jpg or .png), but entries using vector graphic formats (.eps, .ai, .pdf) may be submitted as well. Once the winning logo is selected, a meeting will take place determining the final formats of the logo suitable for printed and digital media.

The documentation to be submitted shall include two parts:

  • a visual introduction of the proposed logo,
  • a written description (including the explanation and intended interpretation of the logo).

The submitted entries will be reviewed by a board consisting of GTK professors and professional graphic designers.

The review board’s decision is final with no appeal possible.

Deadline for submitting entries: 9 November 2018

Applicants may ask questions regarding the details of the competition at

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