Report about the faculty Sports Day

Once a year the faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of Szeged arranges a Sports Day for the students. This report is about our visit on this Sports Day at the 3rd May 2017.

When we arrived at 9:30 there were not many people in the area and we were welcomed with two short showers. A few minutes later the sun began to shine again and also more and more students arrived. In small groups they started to kick or to shoot some hoops.

At 11 a.m. the first matches, like soccer, basketball and tennis began outside at the sport fields. In the sports hall the first volleyball match was in full spade as well. Uniforms for every team ensure the right feeling of a tournament. For these sports the students had to announce in advance, alone or as a team.

For theses ones who decided spontaniously to visit the Sports Day, there were also many possibilities to take part in it. In the whole area were spread further aktivities to join, like rodeo, kind of a bounce house and climbing boxes. Besides you could go for a stroll at the go kart track, playing Fifa or lasertag.

To brace yourself, you could choose between gulasch and bread with paprika powder. Both was for free, as well as the beverages like soda and beer. Cotton candy with many different flavours was also offered for a low price.

All in one it was a great event for students, where not only the sports, but also being together and having a lot of fun were an important part of the day.

Jane Dalock, Lara Gutsmann

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