Mind Bogglers

“University life is not only about studies and parties.”- that was a commonly shared claim which brought together 4 students of the faculty.

About a month ago, Boutheina Khorchani from Tunisia, Seylan Musayeva and Yusif Akhmadov from Azerbaijan; and Ademi Orazaly from Kazakhstan – all international students of the faculty – laid the foundation of an idea to start a new student club called “Mind Bogglers” within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Last Friday, supervised by Yusif Akhmedov, the club had its very first event called “What? Where? When?“. The event in itself is a brainstorming game involving intellectual questions and a race of teams formed by club members. In order to answer a question, the teams had only one minute for discussion and finalizing the answer. The game “What? Where? When?” is a continuous race of the brains throughout the whole semester. If you feel like challenging your brain cells, do not hesitate to grab your team of 4 students and join us on the upcoming events!

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A few days before the COVID19 crisis pushed all of us into home-isolation, two international bachelor students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration did manage to accomplish a last minute programme further developing their personal talents and skills.


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