The Return on Knowledge: Trainee Programme at theFaculty of Economics and Business Administration

The obligatory in-company training our students must fulfil is popular with our corporate and institutional partners as well. From the feedback received, our students are well-prepared on their arrival for the in-company training. It is by no surprise that more and more companies and institutions wish to join this programme and receive students for in-company training. As the students have a mentor at the workplace following their activities, and they work for their salary as real employees of the recipient partner, the in-company training proves to be a real introduction to the world of work.

  • In-company training: 40 hours a week for 14 weeks;
  • 30 hours of this period (in any breakdown) shall be spent at the workplace with actual work,
  • 10 hours for gaining further knowledge necessary for the given activity (for example, data collection, consultation, attending special seminars or lessons, or the preparation of the thesis work).

The administrative duties related to the organization and implementation of in-company training (from the conclusion of agreements to measuring the partners’ satisfaction) are conducted by the Career Office at the Faculty whose job is to help the students meet the partners offering in-company training.

The Career Office, in accordance with the Career Office of the University of Szeged, is responsible for organizing other trainings apart from the in-company trainings, and for participating in the organization of job fairs held twice annually. A job fair is a great opportunity for the companies who are in connection with the University of Szeged to introduce themselves through job offers and different programmes to thousands of students at the University enthusiastic about participating at the job fair and the supporting events.

In connection with in-company training and other events, please contact our colleagues at the Career Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: Ground Floor, Feketesas utca 28. H-6722 Szeged. Telephone: +36 62 546 906;

Cooperation Agreement for In-Company Internship

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