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Prof. Dr. Imre Lengyel - CV

Name: Prof. Dr. Imre Lengyel Year of birth: 1954
  • mathematician (MSc), József Attila University, Szeged; 1979
  • economist (MSc), Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences, Budapest; 1986
Current employer(s) and position:

University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Institute of Economics and Economic Development, full professor, head of institute

Academic degree / Academic title, membership:
  • PhD (economics), 1995
  • Habilitation, University of Szeged, 2004
  • Doctor of Economic Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2005
Academic fellowships:
1997 – 2000
Széchenyi professorship
Teaching experience:

Kőrösi Csoma Sándor College, Békéscsaba, 1994-1997

  • Statistics
  • Regional and urban economics

University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 1997-

  • Introduction to regional and urban economics
  • Regional and local economic development
  • The Practice of Social Research

University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Economics, 2009-

  • Advances in Social Research
  • Regional economic development
  • Regional and urban economics

Number of years spent in education: 23 year

Work experience and achievements:
1986 – 1993
research fellow, Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Békéscsaba
1994 – 1997
deputy rector, associate professor, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor College, Békéscsaba
1997 – 2004
associate professor, head of Regional and Applied Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged
1999 – 2002
deputy dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
2004 –
full professor, head of Economics and Economic Development Institute, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
2012 – 2016
chair of Doctoral School in Economics, University of Szeged
Professional, scientific work in connection with the subjects taught:
  1. 5 most significant publications of the past 5 years
    • Lengyel, I. 2017: Competitive and uncompetitive regions in transition economies: the case of the Visegrad post-socialist countries. In Huggins, R. & Thompson, P. (eds). Handbook of Regions and Competitiveness. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, pp. 398-415.
    • Lengyel I. – Vas Zs. – Szakálné Kanó I. – Lengyel B. 2017: Spatial differences of reindustrialization in a postsocialist economy: manufacturing in the Hungarian counties. European Planning Studies, vol. 25., no. 8., pp. 1416-1434.
    • Lengyel, I.– Lukovics, M. – Imreh, Sz. 2016: Challenges of Entrepreneurship in a Less Developed Region of Hungary: the ELI-ALPS Laser Research Centre in Szeged. Journal Transition Studies Review, 1, pp. 79-96.
    • Nagy B. – Lengyel I. 2016: The structural change of manufacturing in Hungary, 2008–2014. Studies in International Economics, Vol. 2, No. 2. pp. 3-22.
    • Lengyel, I. – Rechnitzer, J. 2013: Drivers of Regional Competitiveness in the Central European Countries. Transition Studies Review, vol. 20., issue 3., pp. 421-435.
  2. 5 most important scientific publications of the scientific life’s work
    • Lengyel, I. 2009: Knowledge-based local economic development for enhancing competitiveness in lagging areas of Europe: The case of the University of Szeged. In Varga, A. (ed): Universities, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Development: Geography, Entrepreneurship and Policy. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham- Northampton, pp. 322-349.
    • Kállay, L. – Lengyel, I. 2008: The Internationalization of Hungarian SMEs. In Dana, L-P. – Welpe, I. M. – Han, M. – Ratten, V. (eds): Handbook of Research on European Business and Entrepreneurship. Towards a Theory of Internationalization. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham- Northampton, pp. 277-295.
    • Lengyel, I. 2004: The Pyramid Model: Enhancing Regional Competitiveness in Hungary. Acta Oeconomica, 54 (3), pp. 323-342.
    • Lengyel, I. 1995: From plan to market: The case of Hungarian banking system. In Tykkyläinen, M. (ed): Local and Regional Development During the 1990s Transition in Eastern Europe. Avebury, Aldershot, pp. 109-118.
    • Lengyel I. 1993: Development of local government finance in Hungary. In Bennett, R.J. (ed): Local Government in the New Europe. Belhaven Press, London, pp. 225-245.
Professional/scientific public activity, international collaborations, honours:


  • Committee on Economics of the Szeged Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member 1991-, chair 2008-2017
  • Commission on Geography and Public Administration, International Geographical Union, 1992-1996 (full member)
  • Committee on Regional Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, elected member 1991-, deputy chair 1999-2008, chair 2008-2011
  • Hungarian Regional Science Association, member 2002-, vice president 2015-2017
  • European Regional Science Association, member 1992-
  • Space and Society, member of editorial board, 2006-
  • Regional Statistics, member of editorial board, 2014-
  • Tér-Gazdaság-Ember, member of editorial board, 2012-


Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary
  • Academic Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Klebelsberg Kunó Award, University of Szeged

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