To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection – with regard to the education breaks ordered by the Rector’s resolutions and based on the guidelines of the maintainer of the University, an educational break has been ordered for the 12th and 13th March and the Spring Break period of the University will be between the 14th of March 2020 (Saturday) and 22nd of March 2020 (Sunday). Students are not allowed to visit the buildings of the University of Szeged from the 12th of March 2020. Accordingly, all forms of student administration shall be conducted on electronic platforms, such as Neptun, Coospace and Modulo.

The University of Szeged will switch to distance education until withdrawal. Students will be informed about changes to courses shortly.

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A few days before the COVID19 crisis pushed all of us into home-isolation, two international bachelor students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration did manage to accomplish a last minute programme further developing their personal talents and skills.